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NEW 2024

Personal Retreats on the Aran Islands

During 2024 Slí Aonghusa Centre is offering the opportunity for small groups or individuals to come to the island to either make their own personal retreat or to join a guided retreat based on the Ignatian exercises.
The silence and sacred landscape of the Aran Islands is an ideal sanctuary , inviting the pilgrim to take time out from a busy lifestyle where they can walk, pray, reflect and join others who feel called to a restorative time away from home.

Ciorcal Cómhrá – Irish conversation gatherings

A chance to come with others and use your cúpla focal in the heart the gaeltacht of Inis Mór.

This is an ideal opportunity to experience the culture, language and heritage of the Aran Islands from the heart of an island home.

Bespoke Weekends for you and your friends

An opportunity to share community on the island of Inis Mór for some music, meditation, book club or simply some quiet time to savour the uniqueness of Slí Aonghusa Retreat Centre and what it has to offer.

Events 2024

Themed Retreats 2024

Turas an Chroí – Journey of the Heart 2024

Join Deirdre Ní Chinneide and Aiveen Mullally for a restorative space of spirituality and Capacitar practices on the island of Inis Mór.

Held in the depths of the spirit of the Celtic Christian landscape, we will weave together a tapestry of movement, listening, silence and sound. The Aran Islands with its unique culture, spirituality and natural beauty provides a special setting for this retreat which includes visits to local sites of interest.

Deirdre Ni Chinneide is a licensed psychotherapist, spiritual director, retreat and workshop facilitator presenting throughout Ireland, the United States, Australia and Europe. She divides her time between the Aran Islands, the mainland, Australia and USA, offering retreats, workshops and performances of spiritual music.

Aiveen Mullally is a lecturer at Marino Institute of Education in religious education and spirituality of the child. She is a qualified psychotherapist, workshop facilitator and Capacitar tutor.

June 14th –

June 16th

Cost 390 € includes accommodation, meals, workshops and all transport on the island.


The Healing Power of Writing – Writing as a Spritiual Tool 2024

Personal expressive writing is a simple and powerful self-care tool that promotes healing, relaxation, personal growth and inner peace.

No experience in writing required

“…this is not a competition
but a doorway into thanks,
and a silence in
which another voice may speak.”
Mary Oliver

On this journey together we will also immerse ourselves in the creative and healing power of Meditation, Poetry,  Music, Ritual and Nature.


Deirdre Ni Chinneide
Lorraine O Brien

May 10th –

May 12th

Cost 595 €
to include accommodation/evening meal and transport.
Beverages and snacks.

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Turas an Chroí 2024

“A Celtic Christian Journey of the Heart, Crossing the Threshold Home: The call to remember this ancient civilization is to retrieve that which we have lost and longed for in these current times.” 

During this retreat, Deirdre will guide and explore themes of soul loss, disconnection and the return home to the Spirit of God within.: In the early Christian church, the well was seen as a place of healing. Held deep within the earth, a journey to the well nurtured and refreshed the pilgrim who drank of its healing waters . Through this journey of the heart we open to the well within.

Dates 2024

July 11th – 13th

August 15th – 17th

September 12th – 14th

Cost 495 € includes accommodation, meals, workshops and all transport on the island

Ancestral Echoes 2024:

Music, Poetry, Story-Telling and Ritual

With Deirdre Ni Chinnéide and Lorraine O’Brien

A two day immersion in the Spiritual Aspects of Celtic Story, Poetry, Song and Ritual.

  • Storytelling-Guided Poetry, Music, Meditation and Song
  • A visit to a 5th century Monastic Beehive Hut
  • A visit to the Ancient Fort of Dun Aonghusa
  • Time out on the wild landscape of the Aran Landscape 

The venue, Sli Aonghusa nestles at the foot of the Ancient Fort of Dun Aonghasa in the village of Kilmurvey Aran Islands.  

The centre is spacious, bright and comfortable  with spectacular views of the wild landscape of Aran. An award winning blue flag  beach nearby is a delight for swimmers and many of the Islands sacred sites and holy wells are within walking distance.

September 20th – September 22th 

595 € (Cost includes accomodation, beverages, snacks and  meals. 

The Venue

Slí Aonghusa Retreat Centre Inis Mór Aran Islands Co. Galway

Retreat Centre

Retreat Space



View from the Kitchen

Wholesome Food

The Garden

Blue Flag Beach

Powerful Places

Work experience at the Centre

Discover an unique way of immersing into the Irish culture, language & tradition on the biggest of the Aran Islands Inis Mór with its beautiful nature, ancient sites and celtic heritage  – in lieu for around. 5 hours of work per day. There’s always a variety of jobs inside the house and the Retreat Centre as well as in the garden where your personal skills will be highly appreciated. In return for your work you get for free accommodation and meals. Your contributions could be e.g.

  • Indoor decorating like painting or wallpapering
  • Gardening and creating new garden features 
  • General Household Chores
  • Cooking and preparing meals for the retreats
  • Repair jobs – depending on your skills

Participants feedback on the Slí Aonghusa retreats

“Transformative and nurturing …..will be back.”

“So enjoyed the retreat. I feel I have tapped into my own ability to heal and connect …”

“Heart / soul felt, enlightening, enriching spiritual fun and connection”.

“It certainly opened my heart. A fabulous place and the retreat was so well organised. Will certainly come back.”

“I didn’t know what to expect but it was wonderful. So well planned, paced and facilitated.”

“I enjoyed visits to the sited around the island
It was an amazing experience – perfectly balanced, so refreshed and nourished.”

“Great to see the island and the special places . Got a real insight into island life especially the place and the people. I found it all so special.”

“Lón anama – beautifully and harmoniously paced. You held a nourishing space all weekend “.

Getting to Inis Mór, Aran Islands, Co. Galway IRELAND

Dublin to Galway

By Train:


Galway to Inis Mór

The biggest of the 3 Aran Islands, Inis Mór (or Inishmore), can be reached by sea from Ros A Mhil (Rossaveal) ferry port – shuttle bus available from Galway city-centre. Further details & ferry/ shuttle bus timetables on