01 Forgotten


The Celts believed in the existence of other worlds known as the Land of the Sí (spirit). The Druid or Shaman would travel to these other worlds at will and return with insight into problems and challenges of everyday life.

Have we forgotten the connection to the heart of who we can be?


Have you forgotten who you are?
Have you wandered so far?
No trace of ancient story
But the tragedy of stone that stands alone?

No wind to sound you
No sea to wash you
No earth to ground you
Through the sacred and profane.

Who are you
On your island of experience?
Struggling to connect with mainlands
Other islands,
Floating by
That dare to touch
Yet drift away
Frightened by the current reality
Stay a little longer
Mooring in the harbour of your heart
Anchored there forever…..

With wind to sound you
And sea to wash you
With earth to ground you
Through the sacred and profane.


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