02 Celtic Passage


It is a musical journey connecting us to the power of the Celtic world, exploring themes of life and death, the earth and nature, the savagery of war, the redemption of love and ultimately the splendor of creation.

I weep in the darkness
I thirst for the light
In search of my spirit and home.
My soul in its journey
Will follow the stone.
The pathway for centuries known.
From ancient cavelands to mountain peaks
Over valleys rivers and seas,
From warm sands of the southern climbs
To the drift of northern snows.

O thuaidh, o dheas, siar is aniar
Do shúil na céadta romhainn
Is an ghaoth ar a ndroim
Is an ghrían ag éirí.

A stone of earth
Through dust its birth
As starlight circles this dome
Let all who have witnessed
And all yet to see
That the ancestors call was to Home.

From the north, the south
From the east and west ,
They have walked the path and way,
Moon searches the night
While the Sun announces the day.

Tar ag a lár a mháthair is bí linn
Tar ag a lár a mháthair is bí linn,
Tar ag a lár a mháthiar is bí linn.
Oscail ár gcroí is séid an ghaoth ann
Oscail ár gcroí is séid an ghaoth ann
Oscail ár gcroí is séid an ghaoth eadrainn……

{We call on the divine mother
Come and be with us
As the heart opens.
Let your love
Breathe through and be with us always
O Mother hear our prayer.}


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