10 Gratitude



The lyrics of this song are taken from a traditional piece called Sliabh gCeal Gua. I like to imagine the ancestors marching to the prehistoric forts . Their song invites us to join them , to harmonise and dance in rhythm with a pulse that beats in tune with all there was and will be!

Ó a shliabh geal gua na Féile
Is fada uait i gcéin mé
I mo shuí cois cuain im aonar
Go treith lag faoi bhrón
An tuilleadh bhuí ar thaobh díom
Idir mé is tír mo chéibhe
A shliabh geal gua nár dheirc sin
Más féidir é a fháil.

(Let us not forsake our land
and let the land not forsake us}


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