13 Siochain_Peace


Síocháin Peace.
Our journey nears its destination as we arrive at síocháin the gaelic word for peace.
Our open hearts freely sail……We are Home.

I ndorcadas na hoíche
Go mbeidh solas geal an lae
In áit a deineadh dochar
Go mbeidh bláth ag fás sa chré
{ may light shine through
the darkness of night
And may a new flower grow
In the wounded earth}

I ndorchadas ár gcroíthe
Atá tá dúnta do shíocháin
Go lasfar grá na ríthe
Is go líonfar muid iomlán
{May the love and light of God
rest in our hearts and may we
be filled with peace}

Síocháin, síocháin, síocháin,síocháin.

Where love and death are rooted
In the one divided tree
Meet me at a place
Where we both can freely be

Where justice is a language
Not spoken in a land
May love of peace
Then guide us
To reach the open hand.

Síocháin, síocháin, síocháin,síocháin.


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